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Functional Medicine is the new health revolution! It's a unique approach to chronic conditions and overall wellness that addresses the whole person as a unique individual. Rather than just managing symptoms based on preset protocols, Functional Medicine takes a systems- based approach to understanding the root cause for imbalances that result in disease. As Functional Medicine practitioners, we take time to delve deep into your history to understand the unique triggers and antecedents that led to where you are today. We use these clues combined with information gleaned from advanced diagnostic tools to develop a customized roadmap to wellness for you.

I recently completed the Advanced Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice course through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and am excited to have the solid foundation I desired to bring Functional Medicine Services to North Georgia. The resources and expertise that I have access to as an IFM member allows me to bring even more value to the clients and patients that I serve in this community. This augments the introduction to Functional Medicine I received through Dr. Aviva Romm's course on Herbal Medicine for Women.

Wondering what Functional Medicine can do for you? Check out Heather's story in her own words.

Heather and her beautiful daughter

My mother has it, my Aunts have it and I've had Hashimoto's for 13+ years. I have endured what I call the "Pharmaceutical approach" to addressing my conditions relating to the disease. When Hashimoto's was first triggered in my body I gained 60lbs, I was tired all the time, depressed and was given thyroid, antidepressant, blood pressure and anti-anxiety medications to sustain myself only, never feeling like myself. I was never told about food allergies, only that I was "preDiabetic" I have been given pharmaceuticals for depression, high blood pressure, anxiety and infertility treatments. I have been tested for heart problems, sleep apnea, lung cancer and been through months and months of physical therapy for pain in my shoulder. I also had to pay for a colonoscopy only to find out that all these issues I was being tested or given "masked medications" for were symtoms of hashimotos and food allergies related to the disease. It was when my briain fog was at it's height and my memory failing more than ever that I was really getting worried about myself and needed something to change. I was losing my temper and having mood swings on a daily basis and my anxiety medications weren't working anymore. I was ready to get my anxiety medications increased.

I'm glad I found Dr. Hale instead of increasing my anti-anxiety medication. I never before saw how all of my medical history in every regard was because of Hashimoto's until I saw Dr. Hale. It's because of her work that I am feeling myself again, no more brian fog, no more anxiety outside of my medication, no more mood swings or anger, no more shoulder pain, I can breathe again! I AM HAPPY again! I'm amazed that these changes occurred only one month after quitting Gluten, Dairy and Soy, something so simple, in addition to a slew of supplements that are healing my gut. I am only half way through my healing Hashimoto's' journey and healing my gut. I am headed to remission and total health again, I know it. Next, I'm getting off my anti anxiety meds and will have enough energy to work out and lose weight too. Thanks to Dr. Hale I am feeling myself again and am confident with her partnership I'll be the best I can be.

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