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Functional Medicine is a patient-centered, systems-oriented approach to complex, chronic disease. As a Functional Medicine and Integrative Women's Health Practitioner, I leverage modern technology and advanced diagnostics to create a customized roadmap to vitality. Let me partner with you on your journey to healing. 

Kathryn Azelia Hale


I've experienced the transformative change that root cause, personalized medicine provides. My training through the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as Dr. Aviva Romm's Herbal Medicine for Women course have provided me with a unique and valuable foundation for providing care. I'm passionate about harnessing these tools to help bring hope and restoration to individuals with clinical complex conditions such as thyroid issues, autoimmune, hormonal dysfunctions and digestive disorders. 


Your Pathway to Healing

Let me hear your story

Initial Consultation

  • Living Matrix™ Analysis

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Customized Action Plan

Understand your roadmap to wellness

Follow-up Visit

  • Review laboratory findings

  • Deliver personalized recommendations

  • Follow your progress using the Vitality Questionnaire

Investigate your Health Timeline

Living Matrix™

  • Developed with the Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Detailed analysis of triggers and antecedents for imbalance and disease

Harness the Power of Genomics


  • A dynamic web based application

  • Translates your 23and Me results 

  • Provides targeted nutrition support based on unique genetic variations for optimal results


Meet the FABULOUS Dr. Kathryn Azelia Hale! She has the sweetest, purest energy and sooo much wonderful knowledge to share with the world!!!

Irene Meiller, Sacred Relics

I've been following her social media and love her messages about self-care and wellness.

Dr. Andrea Peat, Women's Wellness Atlanta

The information you've shared has been so helpful, not just for me, but for my family and friends as well. The results have been incredible! I can honestly say that I just feel better overall!! I am looking forward to a much better year than last year as I continue to make better health decisions for me and my family.

Zanthia Turner

I'm glad I found Dr. Hale. It's because of her work that I am feeling myself again, no more brian fog, no more anxiety outside of my medication, no more mood swings or anger, no more shoulder pain, I can breathe again! I AM HAPPY again!

Heather Colbaugh

I believe Dr. Hale to be a spectacular integrative doc for women. I'm so glad to have her for patient referral

Dr. Diana Hubbard, ND, Progressive Medical Center




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