How to Thrive in a Toxic World?

The World IQ has been dropping since the 1950's and is expected to continue to do so (BRBAKER). According to Dr. Walter Crinion, this phenomenon is thought to be related to brain inflammation and is a result of the increasing toxic load on the world population. Many babies are entering the world with a significant chemical burden. A 2005 study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 287 chemicals in the cord blood of newborn babies. That's a sign of an environmental crisis.

Where are all these chemicals coming from?

There are over 200 chemicals that are ubiquitous in our environment. I recently learned that the CDC actually tracks these. Many chemicals can be found in substances that we encounter daily. These include body care products, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, non-organic and GMO foods, unfiltered or improperly filtered water, food storage containers, car exhaust etc.

What effect do these toxins have on our bodies?

The class of chemicals known as hormone disruptors (chemicals that have a variety of effects on the endocrine or hormone pathways within our body) has been associated with cancer risk, reproductive problems, obesity, heart disease, as well as cognitive and thyroid dysfunction.

For many people, the effect of this toxic burden is subtle. You don't necessarily feel sick but your body is also not operating optimally. Diminished energy, bloating and digestive discomfort, waking up tired, difficulty sleeping, mood swings and difficulty concentrating can all be signs that your body is overloaded.

How to detox?

One way to positively influence your toxic load is to reduce exposure to environmental chemicals. Here are three simple steps:

1. Eat organic. Check out EWG's Clean Fifteen Dirty Dozen to learn which foods are the most pesticide laden

2. Detox your cleaning closet and beauty supplies. Select or make natural cleaning products. Great resources include Young Living Essential Oils, Grove Collaborative, EWG Skin Deep Database

3. Do a metabolic detox at least twice a year. *Don't perform a detox if you are pregnant, nursing or think you may be pregnant. Ideally detox 3-6 months before trying to conceive.

Interested in measuring your toxic load? Head to Abundant Health Life Facebook group and complete the detox questionnaire. Having severe symptoms? Schedule a free discovery consultation and lets discuss how I can support your specific situation through Functional Medicine.